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Find out more about Blue Horizon's expanding range of innovative audio accessories, delivering exceptional and cost-effective performance upgrades to improve the sound of your audio systems.

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Cable burn-in

An acknowledged problem in need of a better solution

The Proburn cable burn-in accelerator from Blue Horizon not only dramatically reduces the burn-in time of all cables, but also fully prepares them like no music ever can.

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Burning process of Proburn

Proburn produces 10,000 times the upper frequency limit of a typical CD player, which not only dramatically reduces the burn-in time for new cables but also fully prepares and conditions your existing cables. Imagine a high-frequency, high-energy force zipping along the conductor surface...

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Sanctum, i-fidelity Magazine


"An inexpensive tweak that does just what it claims to, cleaning up the sound by a small but significant amount...We also did some measurements which suggested contact resistance was halved."
Clean-IT, Hi-Fi Choice Magazine


"A well thought out and finished precision leveling tool that does exactly what it says on the box."
Prolevel, Hi-Fi World Magazine