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Find out more about the Blue Horizon Professional Rack System which has been carefully developed to enhance the performance of all audio electronics through the use of appropriate materials and construction techniques.

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Product Catalogue

Find out more about Blue Horizon's expanding range of innovative audio accessories, delivering exceptional and cost-effective performance upgrades to improve the sound of your audio systems.

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Cable burn-in

An acknowledged problem in need of a better solution

The Proburn cable burn-in accelerator from Blue Horizon not only dramatically reduces the burn-in time of all cables, but also fully prepares them like no music ever can.

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Burning process of Proburn

Proburn produces 10,000 times the upper frequency limit of a typical CD player, which not only dramatically reduces the burn-in time for new cables but also fully prepares and conditions your existing cables. Imagine a high-frequency, high-energy force zipping along the conductor surface...

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Sanctum, i-fidelity Magazine


"An inexpensive tweak that does just what it claims to, cleaning up the sound by a small but significant amount...We also did some measurements which suggested contact resistance was halved."
Clean-IT, Hi-Fi Choice Magazine


"A well thought out and finished precision leveling tool that does exactly what it says on the box."
Prolevel, Hi-Fi World Magazine