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  • Professional Rack System Press Release

    Introducing the new elegant Blue Horizon Professional Rack System

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  • Sanctum gets its first Sanction from Hi-Fi Choice

    Sanctum gets a glowing 4* verdict from Hi-Fi Choice who call it a "well made isolation platform that offers clear sonic improvements."

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  • Sanctum wins sempre audio "Editorial Recommendation"

    Sempre audio are really impressed by Sanctum and the fact they could "immediately notice a significant improvement...it gave increased sound stage with clear imaging and less colouration."

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"When in use supporting my record deck, I hear definite improvements, including a tightening up of the bass, which has more attack and punch than without the Sanctum in situ.  The music appears to flow more effortlessly and I find that silences during the momentary pauses sound somehow more natural and realistic."

Hi-Fi Choice Magazine (Sanctum)