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Analogue Accessories

The enjoyment of playing music in an analogue environment has gained a new lease of life over the past years. However it’s also important to maintains records and improve turntable performance. Here is a selection of accessories to help you achieve both.




High performance record mat

The Blue Horizon record mat keeps firm hold of every record played, whilst suppressing the resonance generated during playback. It’s dual-layer design makes it easy to adapt to different record thicknesses without needing to alter tonearm height (VTA). The result is the perfect coupling between record and platter – an utterly silent foundation, ensuring every drop of musical detail within the groove is delivered with unfettered clarity.

The Blue Horizon Record Mat delivers clear audible improvements - the sound gains greater resolution and focus, with enhanced detail and improved bass definition; music sounds more real, more vital.

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“The Blue Horizon mat brought order to the sonic chaos. Bass not only had structure for the first time but also a measure of breadth and depth... Vocals were far more engaging... Midrange duties revealed a greater sense of detail and less flustered quality.”

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