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Dedicated Isolation Platforms

The Blue Horizon Professional Rack System (PRS) delivers three levels of performance in a highly flexible, upgradable and configurable structure that can dramatically improve your system's performance. Through combining carefully chosen materials combined with a philosophy for flexibility, PRS controls resonance across the full audio spectrum whilst offering an adaptable configurable system that can be easily upgraded or modified as your system grows or changes. If you already own a rack consider adding the Sanctum component shelf under your electronics to dramatically increase performance.

Professional Rack System


Professional Rack System

Create the rack you desire and make it part of your home. It’s easy and flexible – move the sound of your system closer to the live performance as well as creating a unique piece of furniture to integrate into your interior.

Any number of shelves can be selected with flexible height spacing configured to accommodate all combinations of audio electronics. Each shelf easily supports up to 100kg.  A rack system that you can combine, use and change in any way you wish.

Fusing carefully chosen materials, innovative engineering and a uniquely flexible design approach, the Blue Horizon PRS controls resonance equally across the audio bandwidth without tonally altering the sound of placed electronics. Enjoy more from the recordings you love, with a system that offers an adaptable, configurable range of infinite possibilities.

The shelving can be configured to allow for display spaces as well as audio equipment, or built to work around larger items.

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"For each upgrade, the sound enhancements are quite startling in terms of the decrease in noise, increased accuracy and clarity afforded to the music."

Paul Rigby, audiophileman.com - Sept 2017