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Build it your way Choose your shelf finish, heights and footing options

Superior quality stainless steel rods and fixings.

Manufactured from solid stainless steel, all elements, rods and fixings are custom made with high precision tolerances to insure the absolute highest quality and function. Double shelves ship with six rods.


Available in three finishes

Natural bamboo

Piano white

Piano black

Box D-4 (210mm)

Box E-4 (300mm)

Box F-4 (410mm)

Box D-6 (210mm)

Box E-6 (300mm)

Box F-6 (410mm)

Leg Base Kit

Includes floor protection discs, bottom rack spikes with lock nut height adjustment and final top locking discs.

Box C-4


Spike Kit

Includes spikes with locking nut and additional top cover to allow isolation between each rack shelf.

Box G-4

Box G-6

Box C-6


Sanctum Isolation Platform

Whether you already own a rack or want to improve audio performance further, adding Sanctum isolation platforms is simple and effective. Available in durable matt black and white finish.

Sizes Mix and match size combinations

Single shelf


Double shelf


Sanctum platform

Shelf solid stainless steel rods


The floor spike and solid stainless steel rod


All units shown in mm. Shelf depth 30mm.

Components’ given width is 450mm by a height of either: 1U = 44.45mm, 2U = 88.90mm or 4U = 177.80mm

There are three rod sizes available: 410mm, 300mm, and 210mm. These lengths include a 30mm thread. When assembled, without using inter-shelf isolation, the usable area between shelves is 370mm, 260mm and 170mm respectively.

Single shelf combination racks

Two tier, single column with dual height shelving.


Two tier, single column shelving with medium length rods.


Single tier, single column shelving with long length rods.

Double shelf combination racks

Two tier, two column with dual height shelving.


Single tier, two column shelving with long length rods.

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"More space, lower noise and greater resolution... An increase in timing precision, depth of bass and a much greater sense of musical flow. Highly recommended and particularly good value for money."