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Everything is susceptible to resonance and micro vibrations. Period. For the audiophile, this is a serious challenge, since resonance problems affect the performance of virtually every hi-fi or AV component. These vibrations move through the floor, the furniture and the air to excite the chassis of audio equipment. Some equipment itself generates vibration through its function, and thus these micro frequencies also need to be managed.

Our unique modular rack system uses an uncompromising selection of materials chosen specifically to deal with resonance issues to allow your audio equipment the best platform for performance.

"People haven't always been there for me but music always has."

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...build something unique

Flexible. Customisable.

Create the rack you desire and make it part of your home. It’s easy and flexible – move the sound of your system closer to the live performance as well as creating a unique piece of furniture to integrate into your interior.

Now you can proudly arrange your audio system on a rack designed by you, to enable it to function at its best. Any number of shelves can be selected with flexible height spacing configured to accommodate all combinations of audio electronics. A rack system that you can combine, use and change in any way you wish.

Infinite possibilities

Tailored to your system.

Shelving can be configured to allow for display spaces as well as audio equipment, or built to work around larger items.

Fusing carefully chosen materials, innovative engineering and a uniquely flexible design approach, the Blue Horizon PRS controls resonance equally across the audio bandwidth, without tonally altering the sound of placed electronics. Enjoy more from the recordings you love, with a system that offers an adaptable, configurable range of infinite possibilities.

Superior build, because of design

Unique triple layer bamboo laminate with both vertical and horizontal grain direction to break up shelf standing waves.

Easy adjustable spike levelling system with lock nut, no specialist tools required.

Solid machined stainless steel parts and fixings, drains energy without resonating. Three shelf separating rod lengths available.

Beautiful high gloss piano white finish, ideal for modern interiors.

Sophisticated high gloss piano black finish, discrete yet elegant addition to any home environment.

Shelf spike isolation system further enhances rack performance, can be added as wished between shelf layers/tiers.

Sanctum isolation platforms fit neatly under all audio components, protect the rack finish as well as improving component performance.

Elegant cable management system keeps loose wires under control and allows signal and power cables to be kept separated.

The difference is in the details

The Blue Horizon PRS has been crafted with the finest materials and specifications. Your audio equipment is supported by a unique platform, manufactured from a bespoke triple layer bamboo laminate with outer grain running in horizontally and the central lamination running vertically. This construction dramatically reduces standing waves and controls resonance within the shelf.

Each shelf is supported by solid machined stainless steel rods, protection discs and adjustable spikes. Add as many tiers as your system requires.

Integral cable management.

Keep signal carrying cables and power cables separated with this simple yet elegant solution.

Go with the grain.

Unique bespoke triple layer laminated bamboo shelf creates mixed directions to break up standing waves, while solid machined stainless steel rods act as hot spots for draining resonance without adding a sonic signature.

Available in three finishes

Natural bamboo

Piano white

Piano black

A rack that can adjust as often as you need.

The Blue Horizon PRS delivers three levels of performance that can be configured as part of a system upgrade or applied in any way you would need.


Bespoke triple layer mixed grain direction bamboo shelves break up standing waves, with solid machined stainless steel uprights which act as shock spots for draining resonance without adding sonic signatures.


Performance can be further upgraded by adding Sanctum, a special isolating platform. If you already own a rack, you can simply add the Sanctum isolation shelves under individual audio electronics to dramatically increase their performance. Sanctum shelves help your system deal with michrophony and resonance frequencies within equipment.


Introduce spiked isolation between each tier for further isolation performance, ideal for critical source components, for example Turntables and CD players.

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"More space, lower noise and greater resolution... An increase in timing precision, depth of bass and a much greater sense of musical flow. Highly recommended and particularly good value for money."