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Dedicated Isolation Platforms

The Blue Horizon Professional Rack System (PRS) delivers three levels of performance in a highly flexible, upgradable and configurable structure that can dramatically improve your system's performance. Through combining carefully chosen materials combined with a philosophy for flexibility, PRS controls resonance across the full audio spectrum whilst offering an adaptable configurable system that can be easily upgraded or modified as your system grows or changes. If you already own a rack consider adding the Sanctum component shelf under your electronics to dramatically increase performance.

Sanctum Isolation Platform

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"Sanctum provides a solid base that noticeably improves the sound both sonically and dynamically.”


"When in use supporting my record deck, I hear definite improvements, including a tightening up of the bass, which has more attack and punch than without the Sanctum in situ.  The music appears to flow more effortlessly and I find that silences during momentary pauses sound somehow more natural and realistic."

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