Good News from Blue Horizon

Spike Shoe Extreme


“Accessories like the Blue Horizon Spike Shoe extreme are something like the salt in the audiophile sound mix. In reality, they achieve component status. Be sure to try it.“

2023-05, hifitest.de

T3 selects Promat to enhance your analogue listening

T3 Magazine selects Promat to enhance your analogue listening in their November issue: “It combats resonance between platter and disc, resulting in clearer definition and focus”

Hi-Fi Choice Recommend RIAA Filter

“The Blue Horizon RIAA Filter removes the worry of wasted playing time on costly cartridges and delivers an optimised phono stage in a relatively speedy manner.  It’s a specialised product, but a very useful one. The result is impressive.”

Why not get the Ultimate Burn-in Set : Blue Horizon’s RIAA Filter + IsoTek’s High Resolution Full System Enhancer CD!

Blue Horizon PRS at the Melbourne Recital Centre

Blue Horizon’s Professional Rack System (PRS) had its grand debut at the Melbourne Recital Centre in June, one of the best performing arts venues in Australia.

Professional Rack System Press Release

Introducing the new elegant Blue Horizon Professional Rack System

Sanctum wins sempre audio “Editorial Recommendation”

Sempre audio are really impressed by Sanctum and the fact they could “immediately notice a significant improvement…it gave increased sound stage with clear imaging and less colouration.”

Sanctum gets its first Sanction from Hi-Fi Choice

Sanctum gets a glowing 4* verdict from Hi-Fi Choice who call it a “well made isolation platform that offers clear sonic improvements.”