The Blue Horizon Record Mat keeps firm hold of every record played, whilst suppressing the resonance generated during playback.
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Profono is a discrete high quality analogue turntable cartridge amplifier which is installed before your pre-amp or integrated if you do not have a built in phono stage, or if the phono stage is of low quality.
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RIAA Filter

All products benefit from a burning in/running in period of time. Phono stages used with analogue replay are no exception. With this small yet effective Blue Horizon RIAA Filter you can now directly connect your CD player to your phono stage and put CDs on repeat.
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Professional Rack System

The Blue Horizon Professional Rack System, PRS, has been carefully developed to enhance the performance of all audio electronics through the use of appropriate materials and construction techniques.
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If you already own a rack or want to improve audio performance further, add Sanctum isolation platforms under your electronics: it is simple and effective.
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A cable that has been professionally ‘burned-in’ using Proburn will sound more open, extended and three-dimensional, with a more natural, less sterile performance overall.
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In high-end audio, it is vital to maintain the integrity of the signal by making the best possible connection between components. By simply removing oxidation and contaminants from cable connectors, sonic performance is significantly improved.
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Bamboo Coupler

Introducing the Bamboo laminated block for better resonance control and therefore a more optimised performance.
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Spike Shoe MKII

Blue Horizon’s unique Spike Shoes MKII are made with a machined stainless steel outer casing and designed to sit beneath spikes of floorstanding speakers, speaker stands or other cones.
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Spike Shoe Extreme

Blue Horizon's new Spike Shoe Extreme is a multi-resonance, high-mass diffuser that dissipates energy quickly through minimal point of contact.
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Where to buy

Blue Horizon in 50+ Countries

Blue Horizon has appointed distributors across the world to support its products and to give you the customer the best local service by professionals appointed through our distributors network. Please choose your country to find a local IsoTek supplier near you.