Professional electrical contact cleaning fluid

In high-end audio, it is vital to maintain the integrity of the signal by making the best possible connection between components. By simply removing oxidation and contaminants from cable connectors, sonic performance is significantly improved.


  • Cleans all contaminants between sockets and connectors used in your audio system
  • Safe to use on all metal surfaces
  • Stabilizes similar and dissimilar metals to guarantee best possible contact and signal transfer
  • Applicator brush, and cleaning cloth supplied
  • Reduces contact resistance by half, independently tested by Hi-Fi Choice


"An inexpensive tweak that does just what it claims to, cleaning up the sound by a small but significant amount....We also did some measurements which suggested contact resistance was halved."
Hi-Fi Choice Magazine
Full Review
"Highly recommended."
Hi-Fi World Magazine
Full Review
"The Clean-IT system not only removes harmful gunk, but improves the connection between a plug and socket made from different metal types...Highly recommended."
Record Collector Magazine
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