Turn table bubble-level

If a turntable is to perform at its best, it is vital that the platter is absolutely in level. A number of bubble-level devices are available to assist with turntable levelling, but none deliver the unerring accuracy of the Blue Horizon Prolevel.

Most bubble-level devices simply rest on the platter, acting like a regular spirit level. To ensure maximum precision, Prolevel slips over the spindle and, uniquely, grips it via a clamping mechanism using spring- loaded plungers situated within the main aluminium housing.


  • Unique system for precision levelling of turntables
  • Most accurate system available using the spindle’s vertical axis
  • Weighs 120g, the weight of most LPs
  • Works on all turntables
  • Precision tool


Prolevel uses the vertical axis of the spindle to uniquely guarantee precise levelling of turntable platters. Moreover, this duel purpose levelling tool can also work in conventional ways. The weight of Prolevel reflects a standard LP, critical for respecting lightly sprung turntable platters.


"A well thought out and finished precision leveling tool that does exactly what it says on the box"
Hi-Fi World
Full Review
High Fidelity
Full Review
"It's fast and highly responsive."
Record Collector Magazine

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