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Audio Power Operations AG

Blue Horizon is a registered trademark of Audio Power Operations AG

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    As part of our on-going commitment to the highest standards of customer service, Blue Horizon offers you the opportunity to extend the standard 2 years product warranty to 3 years, free of charge. Simply fill in your details in the form below. Blue Horizon will not share your personal details with any third parties without your permission. To read our Privacy Policy please click here.

    This service will automatically update your details and give confirmation of your registration via email within 24 hours. Customers must register with Blue Horizon to take advantage of this extended coverage. In countries outside the UK, please check with the local distributor for their warranty period. However registering your product purchase directly with Blue Horizon will give added peace of mind.

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      Profono manual
      pdf (408 kB)
      Proburn manual
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      Blue Horizon in 50+ Countries

      Blue Horizon has appointed distributors across the world to support its products and to give you the customer the best local service by professionals appointed through our distributors network. Please choose your country to find a local IsoTek supplier near you.