Bamboo Coupler

High-performance resonance isolation device

Comes with three height options through rotation, takes up to 100kg weight loading, protects surfaces and improves sound quality.

Introducing the Bamboo Coupler, a laminated bamboo block of chaotic construction for better resonance control. Place this block under electronic components for better sound and more optimised audio performance.

Because of the structure of this material, resonance is better controlled without shifting of tonal characteristics common with most metal spiking solutions which tend to extenuate the higher frequency range.

There can be three height options depending upon how the blocks are rotated and each block can support up to a 100kg weight loading. The blocks can be used on all surfaces and in combination with existing racks and isolation systems that improve sound quality.

Each set contains three Bamboo Couplers measuring 20 x 30 x 45mm.


Resonance in audio is not good and can affect performance. Resonance travels easily when a material’s structure is orderly, so it is better to control resonance with a chaotic material that has a reduced sonic signature.

The Blue Horizon Bamboo Couplers are such a device, the construction making it difficult for resonance to travel freely and affect sound quality.

Each set contains 3 couplers which can be positioned to give three height options depending upon space. These are a very useful cost-effective solution to resonance control and obtaining higher qualities of performance from all audio or audio-visual systems.

Key features

  • Set of three Bamboo Couplers
  • Three height options through rotation
  • Chaotic material controls resonance
  • Up to 100K weight loading per coupler
  • 20 x 30 x 45mm

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