Spike Shoe Extreme

Blue Horizon’s new Spike Shoe Extreme is the ultimate system to eliminate resonance energy.

The Blue Horizon Spike Shoe Extreme is a high mass, multi resonance diffuser that transfers energy almost through minimal point contact. The primary purpose of the design is to channel all resonance energy in the most effective and direct way possible by utilizing the correct design philosophies combined with material usage.

Two systems work in parallel. The first seeks to drain all cabinet or loudspeaker resonance as quickly as possible, with high efficiency, through a 3-simplex concept. These vibrations are then neutralized within the device through the use of a unique chaotic compound, which is designed using materials at the opposite ends of the elasticity spectrum, thus resonance is killed and nullified across a larger frequency range. Through this process of unique design, the Spike Shoe Extreme does not possess a tonal signature or characteristic, it does not shift the sound of an audio system, but simply expands the soundstage with more air and space. Micro dynamics are also improved, and bass extends with greater articulation in the lower frequency range.

The outer shell of the Spike Shoe Extreme is precision machined from solid stainless steel known for its high tensile strength, durability, and resistance to corrosion. Its three-dimensional form is designed to react to any vibrations like an inverted bell, possessing a very neutral and short resonance time.

Spike Shoe Extreme is sold in sets of 4 with each having a point loading of plus 100kg. They can be used with all loudspeaker systems as well as under components which are spiked.

Key Features

  • Precision machined solid stainless steel shell
  • Hardened ball bearings and chaotic Resonance Deadening Compound (RDC) on the inside
  • Compressed cork & rubber compound underneath
  • Suitable for any loudspeaker or electronic component that is spiked
  • Delivered in a set of 4
  • Each has a point loading of plus 100kg
  • Size: 55mm diameter, 20mm height


Uniquely, the machined stainless steel outer shell of each Spike Shoe Extreme allows a spike loading plus 100kg. The proprietary mixture of all used parts are at opposite ends of the elasticity spectrum. The differing resonant frequencies of these materials ensure that resonance is damped equally across the audio band, rather than simply delivering a tonal shift.

The combination of improved coupling and effective resonance control delivers clearly audible benefits, opening up the sound and improving definition from bass through to treble and an opening of the sound stage with greater micro dynamic information.


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